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Virtual Ecological Research Assistant (Vera) Releases

System Requirements

Every attempt has been made to make sure the Vera system runs correctly on common desktop systems. That being said, there are still some basic system requirements and OS-specific ones that need to be met in order for Vera to run most efficiently for you.

Universal system requirements

Regardless of operating system, your machine should satisfy the following requirements for the software to install and run correctly:

  • 2GB+ of RAM
  • 500MB of available disk storage for installation
  • Connection to the internet (for remote reference queries)

For best performance of the simulation subsystem, the following is recommended:

  • 4GB+ of RAM
  • Late model CPU (2.0 GHz or faster)

Operating systems

The only operating systems currently supported are:

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and newer

Older versions of the operating systems above might work, but have not been tested by the development team. Linux has also not been tested extensively, so your mileage may vary if you attempt to use this software on a Linux-based platform. We would definitely appreciate any feedback regarding unofficially supported systems if you do try to use Vera on one.

Java Runtime Environment

The application is written in Java SE 8, and includes all third-party dependencies except for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you do not have JRE SE 8 or newer already installed on your system, you can go to the Oracle Java SE Install page to find out how to install the JRE for your environment.


The following links will download the ZIPfile containing the Vera release. Please refer to the user guide for installation instructions.

Vera 2017.2.5

Previous releases:



  • Fixed component name transliteration to generate NetLogo-valid identifiers
  • Fixed color mismatch in habitat color lookup for InhabitsEdgeTemplate


  • Fixed subparameters not saving control settings
  • Added support for consumption of abiotic substances
  • Fixed crash when a null tick behavior function pointer is returned from an edge object


  • Added a constraint to require a stated phenomenon before allowing a hypothesis to be proposed
  • Updated code to use habitat color if defined for 'empty' base pop patches so we can still somewhat see habitat boundaries
  • Added pown-habitat-color to habitat init (and habitat-related logic) to address spatial-base pop bug
  • Changes to fix UI Merge Issue
  • Removed SSL from download URL for rita.jar dependency to fix Java SSL error
  • Component color of PURPLE was not getting translated correctly to NetLogo
  • Fixed some broken dependencies using absolute vs relative paths


  • Merged SP2017 EOL+Watson query package
  • Officially changed application name to Vera in code
  • Revised project and model list retrievals to only pick up legit directories.
  • Tracked down stray references to legacy UserData path, replaced with StaticVars.USERDATAROOTPATH
  • Revised project load/saves and sim code generation to use OS-specific user home directory instead of cwd for app execution. Tested on OSX.
  • Revisions to splash screen to add app version from about dialog properties
  • Changed the 'No Template' label on new relationships to 'Undefined relationship'
  • Changed the JARfile name from EMT.jar to VRA.jar
  • Fixed habitat movement parameter controls in simulation
  • Added missing extensions and NetLogo logging config to dist dir on build
  • Corrected description for InfectsEdge relationship


  • Initial release of code from Summer 2017 (2017.2)
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